Hello. I am
Fabrizio Calderan
A frontend developer based in Treviso area, Italy

my portrait, a not-so-young but still curious developer

I am an inclusive frontend developer

A Master's Degree in Computer Science at Ca' Foscari university in Venice, more than 20 years of experience in beautifully handcrafting thousands lines of code and a growing knowledge built day by day. In the last 17 years I've been working at AKQA in Venice.

I love inclusivity & diversity, so I care accessibility.


Throughout my professional journey I gained a lot of experience by working on several projects for many international companies (like Diesel, Illy, Whirlpool, Telecom Italia, Gore, Nike and many more).

My toolset includes Atom, VSCode, Git (GitHub), Voiceover, Figma, Photoshop and Sketch (also: Udemy, Frontend Masters and ChatGPT for learning).

Front-end & Frameworks

I usually build styleguides in HTML, JavaScript and CSS/SASS (Fractal/Storybook) but I also build landing pages, static or nextJS sites with a mobile-first approach. I do love CSS and I like creating inspiring demos on Codepen. Sometimes I enjoy participating in coding challenges, like a “Code in the Dark” event won in 2019.

In 2022 I started to explore ReactJS/NextJS and building integrations with Next-Auth, GraphQL, MongoDB, Contentful or AWS.

Me and other partecipants in the elimination round of the Code in the Dark in Venice, 2019.
Me at code in the Dark, Venice edition. 2019.


I like writing and testing my code for accessibility as an ongoing process during all the development phase. In 2022 I also completed the WAS (Web Accessibility Specialist) course (by Deque University) and I improved myself in the creation of a better web experience for everyone.

I often prepare reports about the WCAG/AA conformity of some websites, aiming to propose a list of strategies and adjustments to remove or limit the main accessibility issues.

My certificate for successfully completing the IAAP/WAS course
A deep dive into accessibility.


Some of my latest projects, ideas or just experiments led by serendipity.


A hexagon made of 19 responsive hexagons, using grid layout and trigonometry.
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Accessible dial button

An experiment using animations with native CSS trigonometry (for Chrome only).
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