Senior Frontend Developer & Web Perfect Optimization (WPO)

About me

I am a Frontend Craftsman with a wide capability on problem analisys and approaching (58K+ StackOverflow user, with 1500+ answers and an accepted rate of ~46.2%). Accessibility, streamlined code, high quality and performance are my primary goals and I feel good with hard technical challenges.

I seriously consider this job as one of my life passions since I spend a lot of my own time and resources for my personal training to improve my skills day by day. I aim to work for a company who wants to always build state-of-art projects and who is never afraid to innovate.

Professional Skills

  • HTML5 9/10
  • CSS/CSS3/RWD10/10
  • Vanilla Javascript 9/10
  • jQuery 10/10
  • Accessibility (WCAG/WAI-ARIA) 8/10
  • Optimization 9/10
  • Semantic Markup (Microformats) 9/10

Personal interests

Math &physics MountainWalking Running Gardening DismantledRailroads IoT(Arduino/ESP8266)


AKQA Italy / H-art (07.2005 — now)

In AKQA I create a lot of clean and responsive HTML5/CSS3/Javascript templates for third parties integration. As a lead frontend developer I create a lot of clean and responsive HTML5/CSS3/Javascript templates. In order to realize optimal projects, I've adopted an efficient workflow with a customized (Jekyll/Middleman)/ NodeJS / Sass stack (and just a little of Ruby).
Some customers for whom I've developed, over the past 5 years, include CNR, Aprilia, Toyota, Whirlpool, Nike, Diesel, TIM, Illy.

HTML.IT (06.2008 — 06.2009)

Technical writer for the first IT online publisher in Italy

OOT (09.2004 — 06.2005)

Here I learnt to have broad shoulders and to positively face my first real working challenges.

See the link below for more in-depth detail about my latest projects and references.


Master of science in Informatics (1998 — 2004)

Master of Science in Informatics (M.Sc.It.) / Laurea quinquennale in informatica at Ca' Foscari University in Venice.

Known languages

I speak Italian, English (C1/CEFR) and Swedish (in progress, A1/CEFR).


28th place at “Top 50 WPO Leaders” (05.2015, Catchpoint System Inc.)

A worldwide contest about the knwoledge of web page optimization. I reached the skill level of many WPO experts, sharing the leaderboard with well-known professionals like Paul Irish, Tim Kadlec and Steve Souders.

2nd place at Mozilla DevDerby (10.2012, Mozilla Inc.)

I've been one of the winner of the Mozilla DevDerby with a demo showing what can be achieved with CSS3, mediaqueries and RWD only.

My coordinates

Birthdate: April 8, 1978.
Full CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabriziocalderan